With over 30 years of pipeline experience PSS Industrial Group is the nation’s leading supplier of pipeline equipment including pipeline pigs, testing and inspection, line-up clamps, and handling equipment. You can trust that PSS Industrial Group has the experience and expertise to handle any pipeline project, no matter how big or small.

"Pipeline Supply & Service has always gone above and beyond to help our jobs keep running smoothly.  They understand the need for urgency in the world of construction and have helped support us on many projects.  As a contractor, “time is money” is a very true statement and PSS has helped bail us out numerous times to make sure we aren’t put in a situation where we are losing money/productivity.  I can count on one hand the times I have called Forrest and he hasn’t answered my call or returned it within five minutes.  We are thankful for the partnership Michels and PSS have and will continue to have going forward." - Brittany Schmitt,
Buyer Lead - Michels Pipeline, Inc. 


PSS Industrial Group is an industry-leading distributor with vast expertise across a wide-range of markets. Our focus on products and solutions is pivotal to aligning supply chain optimization, establishing long-term partnership, and maximizing profits.

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PSS Industrial Group offers a wealth of expertise and technical information including:

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  • SDS Sheets

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